Andrea Bridges
Romana's Pilates Certified Instructor


Andrea knows what it means to land on her feet. Whether it’s traveling the world studying and performing Classical Ballet or navigating the busy streets of New York to pursue her certification in Classical Pilates instruction, she knows what it takes to create a world of movement.


Growing up, she had an unexplained passion for movement which prompted her at the age of eight to ask for dance lessons. After trying tap and jazz classes and still not feeling the fit for what was stirring inside of her, she put on ballet shoes and the rest is history.


A history that includes achieving the respected title of Prima Ballerina and accepting invitations to study at the School of the Washington Ballet in Washington, D.C. and studying the Russian method, Vaganova, in Moscow and Leningrad. She’s received numerous awards and accolades throughout her career, including the Citation Award for Distinguished ability from Lady Gwen Ashton of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet of Canada and served as Artistic Director and Choreographer in Louisiana, so she could instill her love of movement to others.


A chronic fatigue diagnosis put a halt to any career that required movement, but her passion could not be quenched. In praying for a new passion, and after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina in 2005, she decided to move to NYC where she could pursue Pilates and a greater understanding as to why the body moves the way it does and how that movement could bring healing, strength and peace.


There, she was mentored by many world class instructors, including Romana Kryzanowska, a first-generation student of Joseph Pilates. She apprenticed in New Jersey in Princeton and was certified in 2007. After eight years teaching in Princeton, she made a move to Birmingham, Alabama to be closer to family.


With a unique perspective on how the body can heal itself, she has partnered with physical therapists to help others in their pursuit of health and wellness. In 2014, she joined the Agile Physical Therapy family as the Pilates Instructor with an emphasis on rehabilitation, so her clients can experience a healed life through a healed body.


She knows what kind of work it takes to have a better quality of life and has used overcoming her own personal illness to bring better quality of life to those struggling with scoliosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, auto-immune disorders and joint replacements, as well as many other issues. She also helps enhance the healthy bodies of professional athletes, musicians, dancers and expectant mothers. There literally is not a body that cannot benefit from Pilates.


Andrea has spent her whole life becoming fluent in the language of the body and eats, sleeps and breathes movement. When not watching movies with her family or rolling up her sleeves for DIY projects, she is doing research and studying new ways to move the body.


Why does she work so hard to move others? Because she is moved by giving others the tools to live their best lives. She doesn’t just teach, she gives her heart with every word, every exercise, every moment she has with someone and her greatest joy is seeing others achieve what they never thought their body could do.